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Indulge yourself in a relaxing, massage and break free from the strain accumulated by the stress of modern life. Regardless of your choice: relaxing, or restoring your balance surrender yourself in a unique and authentic manner.

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B-calm & Relax

A massage performed on the back, shoulders and neck, places where the main muscular tensions accumulate. The pressure of this massage can vary according to your preference, it can be a more gentle and relaxing treatment or take a more energetic and deep approach. This massage it is the best choice for those who want a quick and efficient relaxation.

30m   65€

Reset your Balance & Relax

To relax your body and mind and forget about the outside world. In this massage, relaxing movements are performed throughout the body, to relieve stress and fatigue, improve circulation and relax muscles. Essential oils are used to provide a unique experience and ensure that it relaxes your body and mind. This massage can be done with a stronger pressure, or a gentler one.

50-80m   80-100€

Summer Breeze

To feel fresher and more relaxed on summer days. A signature massage. It is a fresh, invigorating and therapeutic massage, due to the use of aloe Vera oil. Eliminate muscle tension and feel light and refreshed with this unique massage that will make a difference in your summer.

50-80m   100-120€

Hot & Unique

Immerse yourself in the heat of oils and hot stones, which will cover your entire body in a surprising massage. The oils and hot stones used in this massage are combined with therapeutic manual techniques to relax and provide a unique feeling of well-being.

50-80m   100-120€

Stones Paradise

A massage to make you ask for more! Hot stones, essential oils and manual movements are used to massage the whole body. The stones used in this massage, of volcanic origin, are heated to release heat and therapeutic properties, which by massaging each of the muscles and areas of the body, will provide the deepest relaxation. After this massage, your body and mind will be in perfect harmony.

70m   110€