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The name of the exhibit «Any Path leads Everywhere» is the first verse of a poem written by Fernando Pessoa in 1919. Inward and outdoor paths in the constant lookout for the essence and transmutation of Lisbon in Fernando Pessoa.

From the multiple verticles axes that emanate from the Lisboa Pessoa Hotel’s dimensions, a rediscovery of the urban landscape is proposed. From the heteronyms, Orpheu and the Windows – artifacts that allow us to watch and be watched. Light that reveals, obfuscates and blinds; highlights and hides.

Pessoa wrote that «the path is larger that the visible appearance of the outside world». Lisbon takes us everywhere, a visible and possible path.


The exhibit «Any Path leads Everywhere» is in permanent exhibition at Lisboa Pessoa Hotel (ground floor) and at Mensagem Restaurant and Panoramic Bar (5th floor) until September, the 19th.

Free Admission. You only need to register your visit at the hotel reception.

About the Author

Goulart of his name, Luis Miguel Goulart Bettencourt Moniz was born in 1963 in Angra do Heroísmo. Lisbon has been his adoptive city since a child.

Drawing and painting are his main hobbies since 2012, the time where he learned the basic rules of the art of drawing with Inês Mendes. A student of the painter Fátima Mateus. In 2014 and 2015 he studied drawing with the painter Susana Chasse. In 2016 he learns under the wing of Luis Vieira Baptista and has been a regular in Gabriel Garcia’s atelier since 2017. With his guidance, Goulart has developed an autonomous path.

Goulart has been looking to develop new skills, feeling as a student in the search of multiple paths. Luis breaches in the spiritual and symbolic domain. He works in marketing and teaching.