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Tapas / Snacks Menu

Available everyday, from 06:30 pm to 10:30 pm


Eggs, Regional Sausage “Alheira” (poulty meat) and Asparagus 9,00€
Fish & Chips10,00€
Burrata, Herb Pesto, Selection of Tomatoes from the Market and Homemade Toasts10,00€
Broken Eggs “À Mensagem” (French Fries, Ham, LT Eggs and Chives)11,00€
Tuna Tataki11,00€
Prawns in Garlic12,00€
Pica Pau (Typical dish au Chef)13,00€
Octopus Salad, Green Sauce with Peppers13,00€
Cheese and Charcuterie Board 14,00€


Available everyday, from 07:30 pm to 10:30 pm.


Variety of Bread, homemade Butter, marinated Olives and Olive Oil (per person)3,50€


Our Day’s Soup4,00€
Tomato’s Soup4,00€


Gnocchi with Wild Mushrooms, Cherry Tomato and Spinach (vegetarian)16,00€
Salmon with Citrus Aromas (with a trim of your choice)17,00€
Our “À Brás” Cod18,00€
Our “À Lagareiro” Octopus (with a trim of your choice)20,00€
Iberian Pork Cheeks (with a trim of your choice)17,00€
Steak with Chimichurri Sauce (with a trim of your choice)18,00€


1. Fresh Vegetable Salad and Port Wine Vinaigrette4,00€
2. Vegetables with Rustic Cut4,00€
3. Esparregado4,00€
4. Butter Bean “Migas”4,00€
5. Rustic Potato4,00€
6. “A Murro” Potatoes (cooked and seasoned with olive oil and garlic, finished in the oven)4,00€
7. Tomato Rice and Vegetables4,00€


Sliced Fruit4,50€
"Sericaia” (Regional Dessert)5,00€
Petit Gâteau6,00€
Orange Pie and Kumquat Sweet6,00€
Portuguese Milk Cream6,00€

VAT included

No food or beverage item, including the couvert, can be charged unless requested by the customer or if le untouched (nº3, article 135º, Law nº10/2015, 16th January). We welcome enqueries om customers who wish to know whether any dishes contain particular ingredients. Please inform us of any allergy or special dietary requirements that we should be made aware of, when preparing your menu request.