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Modernity has brought us a marked social acceleration and unpredictable or uncontrollable stimuli are appearing today. More recently, the pandemic situation of Sars-CoV-2 (COVID 19) has added a degree of uncertainty and several elements have become stressors. Several people report an experience of 'internal chaos' with changes in psychosocial functioning and various symptoms of mental suffering.

Companies are increasingly betting on programs that contribute to increasing the mental health and well-being of professionals at work, reducing stress levels and increasing the balance between personal and professional life.

Our programs aim to constitute an "Oasis" in the midst of the chaos of everyday life in which it is possible to relax, slow down and resynchronize.

After a psychiatric and psychological evaluation, several technicians will take care of you focused on your physical and psychic needs by making an immediate intervention and establishing a plan for your future.

We want you to live in the present, but to think about how you can change your future by enjoying, relaxing, listening to your body saying that it doesn't hurt to stop for a few days and let yourself be cared for by those who want the best for you.



On the international market, burnout treatment programs through Wellness have borne fruit and gained their space in the recovery of health and performance. Several companies are betting on burnout programs for their workers as they reduce absenteeism (and presentism!) at work.

Our proposal goes far beyond the simple wellness program and brings together several professionals in the field of Psychiatry, Nutrition, Coaching, Personal Training, Yoga and Massage.

A 4-day experience at Lisboa Pessoa Hotel, located in the heart of Chiado with spa, library and terraces. An authentic haven for your well-being. Online tracking for the next 21 days .

A 3-day getaway-style program afocused on your well-being! Ensure your physical and mental well-being by combining it with leisure. Enjoy the best in life and enjoy.

Stay at the Lisboa Pessoa Hotel, located in the heart of Chiado. A wellness space, with SPA and terraces overlooking Rio and Castelo S. Jorge. An authentic refuge!

The program includes the participation of several professionals in the field of Coaching, Nutrition, Personal Training, Yoga and Massage.


Do you need to improve your physical and/or emotional well-being? Do you want to take the opportunity to rest and relax? Both?

With the pandemic and despite digitization, it is important to create moments to be with your team again! Mainly because it is within your team that people are most confident and competent. What if we told you that the My Team Wellness Program is fully customizable to your team and company?
Do you want to reward your team members for their efforts, dedication and achieved goals? Employee Wellness Reward Programs available. Our team of experts is at your disposal.

Your Tailor Made Program is completely customized to you, individually, or to your team.

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The Lisboa Pessoa Hotel is a boutique hotel in the center of Lisbon, open to the city and river, with two terraces where you can read, take Yoga classes, relax and enjoy the view while enjoying a drink or meal.
Restore your health and well-being through water, personalized exercise and relaxing massages. A group of specialists in the areas of Psychiatry, Coaching, Nutrition, Personal Training, Yoga and Massage are fundamental parts of the wellness programs to support the recovery of the mind and body. 

Did you know that the simple act of taking a walk relaxes and is good for the mind and body? In the center of Chiado, next to the Largo do Carmo Ruins, our location invites you to (re)discover the streets of Lisbon on foot, freely and without schedules.

Our team is ready to welcome you and help restore your well-being or the well-being of your team. Want to schedule a visit? Talk to us!  

Our team

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Luis Madeira


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Cláudio Alves

Yoga, Fitness, Massages

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Maria Lains

Nutritionist, Nutricoach, Phytotherapist and Aromatherapist

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Cassiana Tavares

Psychologist, Coach

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Know more about burnout

Burnout Syndrome , often called burnout, is a state of physical and mental exhaustion that is related to occupational activity and that arises in contexts of professional stress –– either because of problems in professional relationships or because of work overload. It was introduced in the “International Classification of Diseases – 11” in a new category (Z73.0) and is now a legitimate clinical category with scientific validity and extensive literature supporting primary and secondary prevention and treatment interventions.

It can be confused with depressive episodes and other psychiatric diagnoses and are thus essential: (1) an early medical and psychological assessment as well as, if diagnosed, (2) reduce or stop the causative factor of Burnout for a period and (3) start an integrated lifestyle intervention that includes changes in diet, hydration, sleep-wake cycle and activity, exercise and optimization of the way of working.

Burnout can occur due to several factors that result from the stress inherent in the professional activity, such as professional conflicts between peers or with supervisors, overwork, changes in professional responsibility, feeling of worthlessness or non-recognition of their qualities and skills, or even by the conjunction of personal problems that end up being transported to work.
The SARS-COV-2 (COVID-19) pandemic determined several stressors that added to (or precipitated on) the pre-existing ones. These include the continuous uncertainty and personal and professional instability about the future, which contrasts with the usual catastrophes that normally allow the subject to feel a before and an after for which he/she reorganizes.

The suppression of usual activities and psychosocial interaction with family and friends, with increased sedentary lifestyle and involuntary isolation that led to restlessness, anxiety and/or loneliness. The promotion of telework that allowed the invasion of the private sphere by the public / social sphere, reducing the feeling of pause at home, also making the barrier that allows you to interrupt professional activities and relax in your private space more tenuous. There is evidence that Burnout particularly affected the Portuguese population and it is a concern to find forms of primary and secondary prevention.

The results of the study “Mental Health in Times of Pandemic (SM-COVID19)” indicate that about 25% of participants experience moderate to severe symptoms of anxiety, depression and post-traumatic stress.
Coordinated by the Department of Health Promotion and Prevention of Non-Communicable Diseases of the National Institute of Health Doctor Ricardo Jorge, in collaboration with the Environmental Health Institute of the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lisbon and the Portuguese Society of Psychiatry and Mental Health, the The SM-COVID19 study aimed to assess the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the mental health and well-being of the general population and health professionals, taking into account dimensions such as anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, burnout and resilience, among others.
According to the results of this work, in the general population, it is mainly young adults and women who present symptoms of anxiety and moderate to severe depression.

Among health professionals, and as expected, it is mainly those who are treating patients with Covid-19 who have moderate to severe anxiety (42%), and it is still in this group of individuals that the levels of Burnout (exhaustion) physical and emotional) are higher (43%). With regard to expectations regarding the future after the pandemic, most individuals are concerned about not knowing when there will be an effective treatment or vaccine (89%) and the possibility of the country entering a very serious economic crisis (96 %). Participants also reported concern with the fact that they were not able to recover the income they had before the pandemic (75%) and with the fact that their way of life was not going back to the same way it was before (79%). .
Despite this, more than 40% of the total respondents to the SM-COVID19 study feel optimistic about the future.

Burnout Syndrome can present with the most varied number of symptoms, the ones described below being frequent and thus paradigmatic. Note that their presentation is fluid – that is, symptoms of mood instability and later irritability may initially appear, and also only later manifest with exhaustion. For the different “phases” of the Burnout Syndrome, all the promoting and protecting factors compete and as such it is possible to improve and worsen over the days and weeks.


  • • Physical and psychological exhaustion
  • • Mood instability
  • • Disability experience
  • • Hypersensitivity towards others unfairly
  • • Lack of motivation and apathy
  • • Social isolation


  • • Negative beliefs about the world
  • • Difficulties in memory and concentration
  • • DOperational difficulties in performing tasks
  • • Reduced creativity


  • • Headaches, lower back and muscle pain
  • • Intense, pervasive and excessive physical fatigue
  • • Emergence of medical diseases due to weakening of the immune system


  • • Reduction or increase in appetite
  • • Varied patterns of insomnia
  • • Reduction of libido


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