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More than a Hotel, an experience

Hotel located in the heart of the city, in one of the elegants historical areas of Lisbon - Chiado. Next to the beautiful Largo do Carmo, you will find the famous Carmo Ruins and one of Fernando Pessoa's old addresses, to which the Lisboa Pessoa Hotel is inspired and pays tribute.

For those who love to stay in the city centre, close to places such as Bairro Alto, Rossio and Principe Real, Lisboa Pessoa Hotel is a must-stay hotel, ideal for those who like to explore the city on foot, freely and without schedule restrictions.

With a privileged location, the hotel is just minutes from beautiful viewpoints, among others cultural and leisure attractions not to be missed in this city full of light and inexhaustible energy, such as Alfama and St. George Castle.

For those traveling with touristic-literary interests, don't miss a good story and love soulful places, this intimate, urban hotel is the right choice to introduce you to Fernando Pessoa’s Lisbon, a walking itinerary that takes you on a unprecedented literary journey, built by an expert, inspired by the life and work of Fernando Pessoa.

Much more than a hotel, Lisboa Pessoa Hotel seeks to offer all visitors unforgettable experiences about one of the most brilliant minds in Portuguese Literature. Arriving at the hotel, the visitor is immediately transported to Pessoa's poetry, which is noticeable and remarkable from the reception, to the rooms, passing through the Library Biblioteca , stage of literary gatherings and reading circles and ending at Mensagem - Restaurant and Panoramic Bar inspired by the book «Message» from Portuguese poet Fernando Pessoa, located on the top floor of the hotel, with two terraces overlooking the city, the river and the castle, wonderful spots not to be missed for those that enjoy travel photography.

Lisboa Pessoa Hotel: the right choice for anyone who wants to discover Lisbon and Pessoa.

Fernando Pessoa

Fernando Pessoa is the most important Portuguese writer. Born in Lisbon in 1888, he lived mostly in the Lusitanian capital and had even resided in South Africa during his childhood. At 47, he had written thousands of pages of the best literature, making him one of the greatest contemporary poets. In his youth, he lived in the Carmo zone, a few meters from the Lisboa Pessoa Hotel, which is dedicated in his honor.

Pessoa’s most fascinating characteristic was what he called heteronymism, in other words, the fact that Pessoa invented fictitious authors called “heteronyms.” Each one had a “work,” a “biography,” a “style,” a “physionomy” unlike the others and even Pessoa, the “orthonym,” that is, himself. The floors of Lisboa Pessoa Hotel are dedicated to the main heteronyms – Alberto Caeiro, Ricardo Reis, and Álvaro de Campos. 

“Who am I to me?” asked Bernardo Soares, one of Pessoa’s masks, to whom Pessoa had “credited” the writing of his most widely read book in the world: The Book of Disquiet, an intimate, fragmentary, and dreamlike diary. A room at the Lisboa Pessoa Hotel is dedicated to Soares and contains a library specialized in Pessoa and Tourism.
Lisboa Pessoa Hotel dedicates a panoramic restaurant and bar to the excellent work of poetry Message. Poetry was Pessoa’s greatest love. In addition, he also had a girlfriend, Ophelia, to whom he wrote affectionate, poetic letters. And, of course, he had a great passon for the city of Lisbon!
This passion inspires us today at Lisboa Pessoa Hotel: The Hotel to discover...for anyone who wants to discover Lisbon and Pessoa. 


Lisbon is Portugal's largest city and it bustles with life 24/7. It's easy to get lost in the beauty of its narrow cobbled streets. Known as the city of seven hills, the climb to St. George's Castle is a must. On the way, you will come across people, hear stories, discover unique traditions and listen to Fado, Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

A city built along the seashore - the Portuguese explorers set sail from Belém - immortalised in its monuments. A staging post in The Odyssey, an inspiration for poets and writers alike, "Lisbon with its multicoloured houses" was a muse to Fernando Pessoa and his heteronyms. 
The jacaranda announce the arrival of Spring. Lisbon smells of flowers and the sea, immortalised Amália Rodrigues.

A city with balconies facing the sun, and belvederes with views as far as the eye can see overlooking the River Tagus. The seagulls alert us to the sunset. When the day ends, a new Lisbon awakens: we can feel the city teeming with the endless nightlife of Bairro Alto.

In addition to all of Lisbon's nooks and crannies, you also have the coast to explore. Sintra, with the monumental Pena Palace, offers a unique view over the city and the Atlantic. Cascais shows the best the sea has to offer. Further South, the ocean breeze blends with the fresh air from the Arrábida Mountain.

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